Here is a list of the 5 foods you should avoid. 

1. Soy Milk - Contains estrogen like compounds that disrupts hormone imbalance in your body leading to a host of problems including altering thyroid function and weight gain. 
2. Breads - Most are full of enriched white flour which is devoid of nutrients and full of high glycemic carbs that cause blood sugar spikes which lead to more fat storage. 
3. Granola - This touted health food is actually making you fatter. It contains 528 calories and 28 grams of fat! 
4. Regular Milk - Pasteurization kills the healthy nutrients inside. Plus, milk is full of antibiotics and growth hormone that has been shown to cause a myriad of health problems. 
5. Farmed salmon - Studies show that farmed salmon have 16X more PCB's than wild caught. PCB's are cancer causing agents that were banned in 1976. Remember... fat stores toxins.